Buying Tips
Buying Tips
  • Prepare to shop lying down - Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can remove easily, you will need to do some lying down. If you will share the mattress, bring your partner with you to get a realistic feel for size and comfort.
  • Redefine Firm -A mattress no longer must be as hard as the floor to be good. Too firm may be painful, today's mattress combines comfort and support. Don't rely on product labels, lie down, feel the firmness and you be the judge.
  • Check inside - Inside an inner spring mattress, there should be more than 300 coils for a full size model (375 in a queen and 450 in a king). Keep in mind, the high coil count doesn't automatically make it better. Wire gauge is also important, the lower the number the thicker the wire. (For example, 13 is thicker than 15.)
  • Guarantee and Warranty - They are there to protect against product defaults, not normal wear and tear.
  • Upsize - If you sleep with a partner don't get anything smaller than a queen.
  • Don't mix and match - Avoid putting a new mattress on an old box spring. A set is made to work together, using them together will prolong the life of the bed.
  • Invest in top quality - You will be spending three of the next ten years in bed so buy the best your budget will allow. When you consider the cost over a 10+ year life span, you'll find that even the very best beds cost less each night than a cup of coffee.
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